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16 June 2012 @ 05:52 pm
Background Info: Waiting For Maia  
This is a little bit of background information for my Legend of the Seeker fic titled "Waiting for Maia." Reading this isn't necessary for those who are fans of the show and/or have read the original play "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett. I'm only posting this here because...well, this fic and this information was written for school, so why not post it ;)

Please note that these characters may have deviated a bit from how they were portrayed in the show....

General Information___________________________________

‘Waiting for Maia’ is a short story in the style of Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’. It is written in the form of a fan fiction, using two minor characters from the short-lived television series ‘Legend of the Seeker’. In contrast to the original play, this piece stars two females. These two women are from two different races (if you will) of humans with magical abilities; Confessors and Mord’Sith. These two races are meant to be sworn enemies, as one fights for good and the other evil. In this piece however, the two women have somehow wound up in a world where only they exist (ie the boy, Pongo, and Lucky as depicted in ‘Waiting for Godot’ are not present in this rendition). They are stuck together, and it is therefore necessary for them to get along, they tend to have a “frenemy” (a portmanteau of friend and enemy) relationship. They have been in this empty place for years, with only one goal – they must wait for Maia. In Legend of the Seeker, Maia was the (possible) identity of the Creator, which is their God-like figure. Just as Godot is only assumed by the audience as being a Godly figure, Maia plays the same absent role in this piece of fiction.


Dennee “DeeDee”

           Dennee takes the part of Vladmir (aka “Didi” and “Mr. Albert”). Like Vladmir, Dennee is the more responsible of the two characters. She’s sweet, understanding, and tough all at the same time. She wears a flowing white dress, which represents her pure spirit. She also likes to sing, and is very affectionate (i.e.: her offer to hug Denna). Her aim is for good. She is of the Confessor line. Confessors are the voice of truth and justice; they can confess any man or woman to make them their forever servants. Victims of confession fall in love with their victimizer (Confessor) and have no other concerns but to please their mistress. Their greatest enemies are the Mord’Sith, to whom their powers of confession are deadly. Dennee’s dull daggers replace Vladmir’s hat, as she uses them to “think”.

Denna “DenDen”

Denna takes the part of Estragon (aka “Gogo”).  Like Estragon, Denna is quite helpless, which leads her to depend on Dennee. In the world before this strange one, Denna was a ruthless and powerful woman, her perceptions were later changed and she attempted to redeem herself of her sins. This is what brought about the helplessness within her, and since they have arrived in this strange land, the days seem to repeat themselves, “nothing happens”, therefore she never gets past her helpless nature, and is in constant need of Dennee’s aid, even if part of her does not want it. Also like Estragon, Denna has very poor memory, she has no memory of her troubled past (neither character does) and so it lies on Dennee to remind her of what happened the day before. Denna is dressed in all red leather, and long red boots, which she has difficulty removing (like Estragon and his boot issues). Denna is of the Mord’Sith race. The Mord’Sith are powerful women who use excruciatingly painful weapons known as agiels which pain both the victim and the person who wields it.

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