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16 August 2014 @ 08:12 pm
OUaL Mini-Bang: Graphics  
Below the cut are various graphics made for onceuponaland's Mini-Bang challenge :)

What you'll find:

  • [3] icons (Swan Queen, Regina/Kathryn, Regina)

  • [3] moodtheme graphics (Zelena, Regina)

  • [3] sigs (Swan Queen, Fairy Queen, and Fearless Queen)

  • [1] tumblr graphic (Regina)

  • [1] wallpaper (Regina)

feel free to use :)

Moodtheme Graphics
envious flirty pleased

I still have the template so if you want any of these with your team/name, just let me know

(I remembered after making this one that we said no crossovers so... it's a bonus!)

Tumblr Graphic

(reblog here)

(with and without text, click to enlarge)